Sharing my Perspective from Pie


In education, we talk about ‘Ah Huh’ moments. Those times where students put the pieces together, they connect the dots, they have a breakthrough in understanding. Yesterday, a collegial friend provided me with a much needed ‘Ah Huh’ moment.

Upon presenting her with a phenomenal Pinterest fail of an apple pie that I tried to make last evening (to calm my nerves and anxiety from our current situation), she responded with “You creative devil! Apple Soup!”

You see folks the “Ah Huh” moment here is that life is nothing more than perspective. Will you choose to see our current situation as the apple pie that was ruined, or will we look at the days ahead with optimistic perspective grabbing your straw and diving into your amazing apple soup?

We are at the precipice of uncharted territory in education within an unprecedented situation. If ever there were a time for us to see things in a positive perspective, it is now.

And there have been so many positives witnessed over the past few days from administrators working from the heart night and day to prepare their schools and staff, to support from IUs working hand in hand with PDE to provide guidance to our local schools, to teachers working tirelessly to provide enrichment and resources for students all while working to prepare for the possibility of turning brick and mortars into cyber schools, to cafeteria workers making breakfast and lunch realities for our students even during school closures.

These are the folks doing an amazing job with the failed apple pie they were given; turning it into the best apple pie soup out there.

But then again, our educators have always been rather fond of apples – “Ah Huh!”


Michelle Shirk, M.Ed

Principal of Student Services
Bridge Program Director
Supervisor of Speech and Language Teachers, Educational Interpreters, Social Workers
Gifted Liaison 
Central Intermediate Unit 10
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