Rain is Sometimes… Just Rain

Waking up this morning to the sound of the rain pouring down immediately thrust me into images of Spring. Visions of newly hatched baby robins’ necks stretched taut, empowered little flowers plowing through the Earth to embrace those elicited promises of new beginnings, fresh starts, and possibilities. 

My husband, breaking through my moment of tranquility, shrieks out with the anticipation of that only paralleled by a small child on Christmas: “It’s a biker’s rain!” Referencing the flooding of water that washes the roads clear of the winter debris, beckoning to him and bikers everywhere images of the untamed road, unknown destinations, and freedom.

I share our reactions to this morning’s innocent rain shower as evidence that we don’t all see things or interpret them in the same way. Well, unless we are open to the possibility of picturing Robin Red Breast powering down the Interstate on her Suzuki M-109r wearing a daisy lapel. 

Acceptance of an individual’s interpretations and reactions to the world around them is empathy. We can all use a little more of that as we weather the storm before us; and hopefully, we will collectively come to understand that sometimes… rain is just rain that leads to sunnier tomorrows.

I wanted to send you a positive thought for this weekend and remind you to take care of yourself and one another. 
Stay well. 
Michelle Shirk
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